whinge-o-matic 6000

and… relax

Late in the afternoon I finally get around to putting fingers to keyboard to launch yet another bloggage onto the unsuspecting world.

Today has been a very mixed day. It started with a pastoral visit / breakfast on the beach at Brightlingsea. Also featuring have been a number of different emails, phone calls and taking number one offspring to have his Driving Theory Test (he passed). In the midst of it has been a very frustrating phone message cancelling an imminent hospital appointment.

I don’t know why it has been cancelled, but as it has been in my diary since February it is somewhat irritating to have got this close to the appointment only to have it cancelled. We have made plans around me having to go to London for that appointment which now need to be adjusted. It’s inconvenient and annoying because there are important things I need to discuss with the Consultant.

How do you respond in circumstances like that? Does it make your blood boil and your blood pressure rise? Do you get angry with the person who has to tell you the news? Do you tell other people in the hope that they will commiserate with you (perhaps sharing their own experiences of cancelled appointments so you can both tut, roll your eyes and complain about the NHS)? Do you wish you had a whinge-o-matic 6000 into which you could vent all your feelings and anger and they could be turned into nice fluffy kind thoughts?

Or do you accept that while it is disappointing these things happen? You may have to change your plans, but they did not cancel the appointment just for the fun of it. It may be frustrating but taking that out on the poor person who has to tell you the news achieves nothing (except making their day miserable).

To paraphrase the Sermon on the Mount: “Therefore I tell you do not whinge about your life, what happens beyond your control; or about your aches and pains. Is not life more than cancelled appointments and being let down? Do not complain through gritted teeth saying, “I can’t believe they have let me down!” or “Why is this happening to me?” Your heavenly Father knows how you feel. Do not moan, there’s enough moaning in the world already. But seek first God’s kingdom and his grace, and you will see life from a different perspective.”

Be blessed, be a blessing.



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