lol, hmmm

Following yesterday’s heavy bloggage, today there is some levity…

I have just acquired a book by Milton Jones: “10 second sermons.” Don’t get too excited if you are part of the church where I minister, I am not planning to emulate him. But I thought it would be worth sharing some of them with you. They are funny, but like the best parables there is a hidden message that can make you go ‘hmmm’.

You can order the book from most online booksellers and local bookshops will be able to get it for you too. You can even get it as a Kindle book.10 Second Sermons: ... and even Quicker Illustrations

If being a Christian is only about not doing certain things, then that’s a bit like a celebrity chef who is more famous for his allergies and intolerances.

I am quite prepared for you to say what you want about my faith as long as I can say what I like about your lack of it.

Sometimes people think of church as being like a giant helicopter. They don’t want to get too close in case they get sucked into the rotas.

Others think of it as a Winnie the Pooh pyjama suit. Safe and warm, but they hope to goodness no one sees them in it.

Sometimes religion can seem like the last person in a long game of Chinese whispers. Once Jesus said, ‘Love God and each other’, and now we have the Easter Bunny!

Be blessed, be a blessing.

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