love lumps

I spent a lot of the past few days with a lump in my throat. It has been quite emotional. Watching my Dad get ordained in the Church of England was very moving – not really because of the service but because of what it represented. I know that he has felt called to be a Minister / Vicar for several decades and this was the moment when that call was finally endorsed and blessed. Giving him a hug during the ‘sharing of the peace’ was wonderful.

Then yesterday we took our son to Oxford Uni for the first time. That was a very emotional experience too. He has been part of our daily lives for the past 18 years and this is the first big step for him to start out life on his own. We are so proud of him, but it was very difficult to leave him there.

Giraffe (1)

Can you imagine having a lump in this throat?

If I am really honest, the lump has not gone yet either! It’s because I love these people and they are very special to me.

The lump in my throat is still there because of all that has happened in the past weekend. But it is also because there are people who are part of our church family who are hurting badly at the moment and I feel for them. As regular bloggites will know I am on sabbatical leave from my church, which means I won’t be involved in the day to day running and ministry of the church until the start of January. But that does not stop me from missing these people who are an integral part of my life, nor does it stop me feeling for them when they go through tough times, and it won’t stop me loving them as a brother in Christ, as one of their Ministers and as a friend.

I still pray for them, send them messages of support, and still love them, and will be there for them if needed.

Love crosses all boundaries and will not allow anything to stand in its way. Even sabbatical rules.

Be blessed, be a blessing.

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