Christmas ruined?

What would it take for your Christmas to be ruined? Would it be a turkey that would not fit in the oven? A cherished tree decoration being broken? Some friends or relatives unable to visit because of the weather or illness?

There are aspects of ‘Christmas’ that are important to all of us. And it will be different from person to person. These things can take on an importance way beyond the reality in the cold light of day. Not being able to cook a turkey is not the end of the world, but when it’s Christmas lunch it’s suddenly more important. The cost of a tree decoration can be relatively small, but when you attach all the memories to it a plastic bauble can become priceless. You can reschedule a visit, but it’s not the same at other times of the year.

These things are important to us. They are not trivial. But if they won’t fit / break / can’t visit (or whatever could happen to what you cherish) we can either mope and moan, or we can seize the opportunity to create new significant moments and memories. The turkey that wouldn’t fit can go down in family folklore.Other decorations can be cherished. Other guests could be invited.

So let me turn the initial question around… what’s the minimum you  need for a good Christmas? Probably an awful lot less than you will have. How can you achieve that minimum at least? And does the baby in the manger fit into all of that?

Be blessed, be a blessing.

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