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We have Borrowers in our house. Or, to be more precise, Borrowers are targeting my study. In case you don’t know, Borrowers are tiny little people who live an almost parasitic life in our houses, ‘borrowing’ items that they find and adapting them for their own life. Several films and TV series have been made about them, based on the original books by Mary Norton.

The ones who raid my study seem to be stationery-oriented Borrowers as it is mainly pens, pencils ruler, hole punches, paper and envelopes that are ‘borrowed’. I have to go searching all around the house to find out where the mischievous little people have left these items. And sometimes I have to rely on Sally, the finder-in-chief, to locate them. Whilst I understand that the Borrowers also feel that they have need of the items they ‘borrow’ I find it annoying when the items are not where I left them and my work is interrupted by searching.

It probably says more about me than anything else that I find myself feeling irritated by the Borrowers. I try to rationalise it by saying that it is irritating because it interrupts a train of thought or because the Borrowers know that I want things to be where I leave them, but the fact of the matter is that I need an attitude shift.

This Sunday morning we are looking in church at Living Imaginatively as followers of Jesus. I think that starts with seeing things the way that God sees them rather than the way we have always seen them. So, rather than being irritated I could be pleased that I have the resources in the first place, grateful that they have been useful to the Borrowers, and recognise that their need for the items may have been even greater than mine. That would be a more generous, big-hearted way of looking at things.

So, if I can do it with the stationery Borrowers, where else in my life do I need to look at things differently and use God-given imagination to do things differently? God’s Spirit helps us to do that (if we want him to), enabling us to be creative and imaginative people in all aspects of our lives. This ‘free sample of Jesus’ life is not about being nicer people on Sundays, but about being Jesus-like people 24/7.

Be blessed, be a blessing.

And be nice to those Borrowers!

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