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rodin thinker silhouetteI am looking at preparing a course about the Bible. it is intended to be for everybody from those who have been Christians for decades to those who are recent believers and even those who are not yet believers but would like to know more.

The course will cover a wide range of subjects about the Bible. We will look at the big picture: the main story of the Bible, how geography affects the history, how all the different books fit together and so on. We will look at how we read the Bible: looking at hermeneutics (the science of understanding the Bible), the different sorts of literary genre in the Bible. We will look at how we have come to get our Bible and the different versions that are available.

My mind is absolutely bursting with ideas for what should be or could be included and I think one of the biggest problems will be trying to trim it down to 6 evenings. I have a bigger problem, however, which is what to call the course. I’m looking for something interesting, attractive, positive, funny and yet which describes what we are about. So far I have not come up with anything that I’m happy with.

“An introduction to the Bible” is fairly descriptive but also fairly bland

“Can’t read, won’t read” is a bit negative

“About the Bible” is descriptive and, if you think about it, contains a pun

“The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Bible” might only appeal to a limited number of people

So I’ve decided to put this out there and see if any of you wonderful bloggists have any ideas for a name for the course. No prizes, other than my favourite will be chosen to be the title of the course and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that I chose your title.

7 responses to “get your thinking cap on”

  1. ‘The Bible – how, what, where, who, why?’ (No puns… informative… gives the impression that questions are welcome). Another suggestion from this household: Route 66. Though I think that might have been done before.

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