Life, liberty and…

During my first sabbatical leave, over 9 years ago, I tried to work out what might be a common belief amongst people. I distilled something along the lines of ‘I should be happy.’ It may be expressed in many different ways but I still reckon that is not a long way from the truth.

Mych human behaviour can be explained as attempts at fulfilling that belief. And if it’s such a fundamental driving force it explains why many people are willing to go to great lengths in pursuit of what they hope will satisfy that urge to be happy.

We seek to fulfil it in relationships: healthy and unhealthy; we seek the help of chemicals to simulate and stimulate it; we have a massive entertainment industry to help us engage with it; we exploit other people in pursuit of it; we seek to acquire wealth and possessions to try to satisfy it.

Jesus offered ‘life in all its fullness’ as the Creator’s intended answer. And (as a cynical overstatement to make a point) churches have reduced that to turning up on Sundays and watching Snogs of Praise (sic). I wonder why attendance is declining?

Be blessed, be a blessing.

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