24/7 Holidays

3d illustration: Take vacation, holiday items andWe all look forward to holidays. Whether it is foreign travel, visiting somewhere different in our own country or even staying at home we all appreciate time doing something different, or even doing very little.

Getting ready for a holiday can be quite stressful. You have to make sure that you pack everything that you need to take with you if you are not staying at home. If the travel involves flights then there are all sorts of rules and regulations that you have to follow and you are restricted by the amount you can carry, and even the size of bottles of fluids you can take onto the plane in hand luggage. One of the advantages of being bald is that you don’t have to carry shampoo!

And if all the hassle of travel sounds too much, if you stay at home you risk either spending the time doing DIY and decorating or you end up working again.

Of course the root of the word ‘holiday’ is ‘holy day’. Originally they were special days set aside to mark significant events in the life of Jesus (and some saints). They were days when people would not work but would recognise the significance of the events marked on that day.

I wonder whether we should spend time getting ready for holydays? What are the significant moments in your life with Jesus that you would want to mark? Some people know the date when they became a Christian. Some people know the date of their Baptism. Perhaps you know the date when you became a member of a church. Ministers and vicars can also mark the dates of their ordination and inductions into different churches.

But I reckon every day should be a holyday. What about the times when you felt God close to you at a difficult moment? What about that Sunday when God spoke powerfully to you through a church service? What about when you read your Bible this morning? What about that person for whom you have been praying consistently? What about the conversation you had today where you sensed God in the midst of it?

There is a prayer movement called ’24/7′ where people are encouraged to pray around the clock. One of the things I long for is that I would have a 24/7 holyday approach to life – recognising that God is with me always, that all that I do can be dedicated to him, that I can encounter him in and through everyone.

Enjoy your holy day today.

Be blessed, be a blessing.

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