Reflections from the sofa

In the middle of a period of leave I’m sitting on the sofa at home and relaxing. The TV is off, I am on my own. Just me and my thoughts… and The Thought.

I have been reflecting on the question of prayer. Did God really give us the gift of prayer so we could ask for what we think will make our lives better? Did Jesus teach his disciples to pray for good health, a job, a promotion, or a parking space?

Have we trivialised prayer by turning it into a shopping list?

Jesus taught us to recognise who God is when we pray. He taught us to pray for God’s will. He taught us to rely on God for our needs and to seek forgiveness even as we seek to let go of grudges. He taught us to ask for God’s guidance and the ability to resist temptation: to seek his help to live free of the influence of evil. He told us that we should be thinking about the Kingdom of God and pursuing that.

How different is that to the prayer life of the average Christian in the West?

How different is that to my prayer life?

Please God help me to be less self-centred in my prayers and to seek first your Kingdom.

Be blessed, be a blessing.



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