Because you’re worth it

No, I haven’t got a corporate sponsor. Today I’m taking time off because I worked some of my last day off and will be working some of my next day off too. A principle that has been laid down from early days is that it is good to rest as well as to work.

Regardless of what you think of Genesis 1, you can’t ignore that our Creator took a day off. It’s a need that he’s hardwired into humans – we need to take time out. Scientists and engineers have been unable to create perpetual motion and that doesn’t exist in us either. 

It’s not slacking or lazy. It’s essential that we enjoy rest and recreation so that we are refreshed and re-created. It’s worth taking for our well-being – not self-indulgent but sensible. And as a Minister I need to take my time off for the benefit of those I serve so I am re-created to serve – they’re worth it.

And we could do a lot worse than be inspired by Nicholas Allan’s lovely children’s book ‘Jesus’ Day Off’.


Be blessed, be a blessing.

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