Going up?

I apologise to anyone who lives in accommodation without interior stairs. If you live in a flat (apartment) or a bungalow then you may not be able to relate to this bloggage as well as those who live in houses with stairs. On the other hand, it does mean you can afford a smug smile at my silliness.


If you have stairs I wonder if you do what we do in our house and put items that need to go upstairs at the side on the bottom few stairs? Some may go further (as we have) and have a special basket that is stepped in construction to sit on the lower stairs and gather the detritus that needs to be taken up until such time as an expedition is mounted to ascend the stairs.

The problem is that the stairs (and special basket) tend to become additional storage space. We happily walk past the small piles of items each time we go up or down – making a mental note to take them with us next time. Eventually we become so familiar with them that we don’t really notice them any more. We only eventually sort them when we have run out of ‘lower’ stairs to put stuff on and the piles have made their way half way up the staircase!

(I may be exaggerating slightly for comedic effect).

How often do the things God needs to sort out with us get put off – left on our spiritual stairs – until we become comfortable and familiar with them and they don’t bother us anymore?

The little lies.
The occasional bout of anger.
The sneaky look at pornography.
The taking stuff from work.
The gossip shared for prayer.
The ‘cash in hand’ deals.
The ‘everything’s all right’ facade for Sundays.
The pride that means we won’t ask for forgiveness.

You know what’s sitting undealt with on your stairs. Isn’t about time you took them ‘upstairs’?

Be blessed, be a blessing

One thought on “Going up?

  1. Our system is complicated further by each of the 4 children having their own basket …to similarly ignore and use as impromptu storage!

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