almost done

Following last week’s Work In Progress bloggage I have a progress update. The renovation of my little car is almost done. What do you think? It has gone from this


To this


It may look finished but there is an important detail that has yet to be done. When I was disassembling the car prior to taking all the paint off and respraying it I had to drill out the rivet that Corgi used to hold the car together. I now need to find a way of holding the car together and ideally put a fake rivet head onto the car. And to complete the picture I have put a replica box on my Christmas list.

I am very pleased with the progress, but there’s more to be done.

I would like to think that’s how God views me. Certainly anyone who is tempted to think that they or anyone else is the finished product had better realise that underneath the glossy facade we all try to present there’s still more work to be done! That is the same for everyone, which is a good reason never to put anyone on a pedestal. 🙂

Be blessed, be a blessing.

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