How …… are you?


There seems to be a proliferation of quizzes on Facebook at the moment in which you can assess how much you belong to a particular region. They’re just a bit of fun. I am not having a go at them.

But don’t they work on the basis of stereotypes? Don’t they assume that everyone from a particular region is the same?

I haven’t checked but I wonder if there’s a ‘How Christian are you?’ quiz? There have been quizzes about denominations. But what about being a Christian?

What would the criteria be? Church attendance? Giving 10% of your income? Helping the poor? Number of people with whom you have shared your faith? How often you pray and read the Bible?

Of course we all know that it’s by faith in Jesus alone that we are Christians. That’s it. End of quiz. So much of Jesus’ interaction with religious leaders was trying to get them to realise this.

Yet how often do we allow other criteria to come into our mind when you think about ourself or others?

How Christian are you? There’s just one question so you’re either 100% or 0%.

Be blessed, be a blessing

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