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We were just like this choir – without the robes, white hair and a bit younger…

When I was in my late teens I was part of a youth choir at my church. We were called ‘The Light Company’ and had lovely bright yellow* sweatshirts with our logo on it. We were led by the wonderful David Peacock and as well as singing in our church we also visited other churches to bless them with our singing. (Anyone from Light Company got any photos I can share here?)

I really enjoyed being part of the choir. There is something so uplifting about singing in harmony with others. My favourite song was ‘He will not let you fall’ (youtube video here) and I recently rediscovered it and bought the MP3. It is one of the songs I have on as many of my electronic devices as possible and will crank it up loud from time to time to be blessed by the words, the music, the memories and the opportunity to sing along at full volume without (usually) being overheard (I must remember when I have headphones on that they don’t mute me for the rest of the world). It is a ‘go to’ song.

The song is a setting of Psalm 121, which is a promise from God. He does not promise that we won’t go through tough times. He does not promise that we won’t experience pain. He doesn’t even promise that we will always be able to smile our way through life. But he does promise that if we trust him he will not let us fall. The ‘harm’ from which God promises to protect us in the psalm is the counterpart promise to the prayer we pray: ‘Deliver us from evil’. It is a ‘go to’ psalm.

These ‘go to’ songs and psalms (and other passages in the Bible) are places of safety, refuges, and reminders of who God is and what he thinks of me. They are good to have close to hand so that he can speak through them when I need to hear from him.

What are your ‘go to’ pieces of music or passages from the Bible? Why not go there now?

Be blessed, be a blessing.


*My bright yellow sweatshirt suffered a mishap at the hands of someone who washed it with a load of jeans that were not quite colourfast. It came out a sort of mucus-green! It was not so bad on its own, but when I was with the rest of the choir it rather stood out…

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