prayer for today

inspiredIncarnate Christ, not distant or isolated but intimately present among us, help me to be more like you and less self-centred, self-absorbed and self-obsessed.

When I am out and about help me not simply to glance or look at the people I meet: help me to see them as you see them.

When I become aware of noises around me – voices, traffic, music, the sounds of life – help me not to just to hear but to listen with attentive ears to what you might be saying and what they are saying to me.

When I am safely bubble-wrapped in my comfort zone and absorbed in what I am doing help me to break out and reach out – embracing people wholeheartedly as Jesus did.

When I am ready to open my mouth, to speak my opinion, or offer my advice help me to assess whether what I am about to say will bless, build up, encourage or inspire.

When I feel broken, embarrassed, ashamed, hurt, in pain or bruised help me to recognise that in others and empathise with them – sharing grace, love, forgiveness and peace that I have received.

Be blessed, be a blessing

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