SONY DSCI have added a new page on the blog (in the top bar): “Does God have a sense of humour?” It is basically there to host my degree dissertation from 1993: “A Theology of Humour – a serious look at the lighter side of God.”

It all came about because in my first year at the vicar factory (aka Spurgeon’s College) my theology lecturer, Nigel Wright, mused that God must have a sense of humour and threw away the line that ‘one day one of you lot will write their dissertation on that’. From that day I knew the subject of my dissertation.

I have posted it online because several people have asked me about it recently. But I have done so with a great deal of fear and trepidation. The dissertation was written over 20 years ago and is a bit, well, naïve. You could say (if being kind) that it has a naïve charm. Or you could just say that it is an undergraduate dissertation and take it as such. If I had the time I would like to revisit it on the basis that my theology is a bit more nuanced and (hopefully) deeper than it was when I was a student. I would like to update it because more work has been done on the subject. And I would like to reconsider it because the subject still fascinates me. Who knows, one day I might even write a book about it!

If you ever read it I would appreciate opening a discussion about it with you. Not to discuss the style, but to chew over the content and consider it further.

In the meantime, and if you don’t read the dissertation, at least I hope that you will sense God’s smile on you today and that the following joke may assist in you passing it on to others (I know I have posted it before on here, but that was a long time ago…)

Be blessed, be a blessing

A party of Methodist ministers was attending an Annual Conference at a private countryside retreat centre. Several of them set off to explore the area, and presently they came upon an old bridge that crossed a quiet pond.

Unfortunately, they didn’t notice a sign declaring the bridge to be unsafe. As they crossed it, the caretaker came running after them. “Hey! You there! Get off that bridge!” he protested.

“It’s all right,” declared one of the ministers, “we are in this resort with permission. We’re Methodists from the Conference.”

“I’m not worried about THAT,” replied the caretaker. “But if you don’t get off that bridge, you’ll all be BAPTISTS!”

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