the parable of the loose undertray

A brief bloggage today in the midst of busy-ness.

ScrewdriverI had booked my car into the garage recently because there was a ‘knocking’ that seemed to be coming from the suspension. The mechanic had a good look at it and couldn’t find a problem with the suspension. But he did find a couple of loose clips on the under-tray beneath the car which he resecured. After he had done so we went for a test drive and the ‘knocking’ had gone.

If only all problems were as easily solved when we take our cars into the garage!

If only all our problems were as easily solved.

I wonder whether sometimes we feel that we are worse than we actually are. Churches have been very good at pointing out human failure and our propensity to make a mess of things, and even in encouraging us to follow Jesus more closely we can receive the message that we are not doing well. And we can take on all manner of guilt from this. How many of these resonate with you?

I don’t pray long enough.

I don’t read my Bible frequently enough.

I get angry.

I often say the wrong thing.

I think unkind thoughts about people.

I feel such a failure.

In concentrating on the ‘knocking’ in my car I failed to recognise so many positive things about it – it is comfortable, reliable, big enough…

When God looks at us do you think he notices the failure first or do you think he looks at all of the good things? Doesn’t he first of all see the kind words, the thoughtful act, the loving smile, the generous gift and so much more? I think he does and I think it brings a smile to his face (anthropomorphising for a while).

There may be some loose clips that need tightening or some areas that need attention, and God is in the business of helping us deal with them and making a fresh start, but in thinking about the negatives don’t lose sight of all the positives that give God pleasure as he watches you.

Be blessed, be a blessing

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