blind criticism

blind monkeyRecently I watched an interview with Russell Crowe, who was asked about his film Noah. He said that he had received criticism for it – mainly from people who had not actually seen the film. That approach really annoys me. Why is it that people (Christians especially) are willing to criticise, condemn, attack and even campaign against something without checking it out for themselves? It has happened on many occasions and does not do anything to enhance the reputation of those who do so.

We are about to enter one of the most amazing weeks in the church calendar. From Palm Sunday through to Easter Sunday we will reflect on and explore the astonishing events of Jesus’ last week before his arrest, trial, execution and resurrection.

These events are so important, so significant, so amazing that Jesus’ biographers* devote massive portions of their books to covering them.

And yet there are many people who will ignore or write off the events of Easter week without having examined them for themselves. Have you ever wondered why that is? Have you ever examined them in detail? Or do you assume that it’s not true because someone told you it wasn’t?

Over the next week the bloggages will be a series of reflections on Jesus’ arrest, trial and crucifixion. These are reflections we are following in our church. I hope you will find them helpful. They lead us towards the astonishing events of Easter Sunday… but let’s not give any spoilers!

Be blessed, be a blessing



*Matthew, Mark, Luke, John

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