out of the frying pan

firelightLuke 22:54-62

Peter had done his best. He was trying to be true to his promise to Jesus that he would never leave him and would die for him. None of the others had made it as far as Peter. And then the accusations and questions started:

“This man was with [Jesus].”

“You also are one of them.”

“Certainly this fellow was with him, for he is a Galilean.”

“What did you do on Sunday?”

“You go to church don’t you?”

“Are you a Christian?”

Have you faced the crowd around the fire in the courtyard at work, at school, at college, among your friends? Did you respond like Peter? Have you heard the cockerel crowing and had Jesus turn around and look you in the eye? How did he look? How did you feel?


If only I’d kept my mouth shut – making promises he knew I wouldn’t keep. If only I’d kept my eyes open – instead of falling asleep. If only I’d kept my mouth shut – when they accused me. If only I could stop the tears from flowing.

Offer Jesus your regrets, ask for his forgiveness and receive his restoration.

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