new old vision

Since September last year our church has affirmed a 2020 vision. I have mentioned it on this blog before. On Sunday morning we will start a new series looking at the 2020 vision and to help us I have written a guide to the 2020 vision that is intended to be a foundational document – a summary – for what we believe we are called to be and to do as a church.

Paper copies are available at the church, but if you are interested you can download a copy from our website here or the church office will gladly email you one.

In many ways it is nothing new. It is not a new earth-shattering strategy that is going to be responsible for spiritual revival in Colchester (no strategy could do that anyway – it’s God’s work). It is not a new vision that has come to us on a gold scroll delivered by angels.

It’s simply a new old vision.

It is a fresh way of looking at ancient truth. It is a reminder of what God wants us to be and do. The guide and the series are intended to help us to do that.

footballIn a football match (soccer if you are on the other side of the Atlantic from me) the aim of the game has always been to score more goals than the other team. There are different approaches that teams will take in order to achieve that. Some play attractive short-passing, quick moving football to wrong-foot opponents. Others hoof the ball down the pitch and hope that it lands near one of their players in a goal-scoring position. Some focus on defensively stifling the opposition and hitting them on the break. Others seek to overwhelm the other side with attacking flair.

Matches take place in all sorts of different contexts – from a massive purpose-built stadium, through to local pitches in parks, to small boys with jumpers for goalposts in any convenient space on the planet…

But ultimately in all of them one team is simply trying to score more goals than the other team to win the game.

The 2020 vision is a bit like that. The aim has not changed. Churches exist to help Christians follow Jesus and to help other people find faith in him. That’s still the purpose of our church, at least. But sometimes it is helpful to remind ourselves about how that can happen.

I hope and pray that you might find it helpful. I hope and pray that if you are in the area and are not currently part of a church you might like to join us on this journey – you would be very welcome.

Be blessed, be a blessing.

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