time to think

sabbatical clock 001Time is rather interesting isn’t it?

We often complain that we don’t have enough of it, yet we can’t increase it and it we can run out of it. Apparently it is airborne when we are amused. We mark it and if we can stitch in it we can save nine stitches. It will tell. It has a nick. It can be drugged (wasted). We can lose track of it. It can be taken. And we can give it to someone else.

We live in a split second called the ‘present’ (and there’s no time like the present) yet we spend lots of the present remembering the past and planning the future.

We measure time with clocks and calendars. We like celebrating recurring appointments, especially annual ones (birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Wedding Anniversaries…) – they are often occasions for special times with family and friends.

In the book of Ecclesiastes (chapter 3) there is the famous passage about there being a ‘time for everything’. How will you use the time you have today? Will it make a positive difference to others? Will it bless you? Will you take the time to thank the One who created time for the time he has given you?

If yesterday is history
And tomorrow’s a mystery
Today is His story
That He blends with my story

Be blessed, be a blessing


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