And… relax?


The last few days have been unbelievably busy. I think I met myself coming in the opposite direction!
I am not complaining- just observing. And perhaps putting a little disclaimer out there to explain why I have not responded to emails or phone messages yet. I will get around to it!
The problem with busyness is that it can become an excuse for sloth. Yes, really. Being busy can mask a lazy attitude because we justify not doing things by virtue of the lack of available time (and maybe post bloggages about how busy we are!). We can hide behind a full diary.
I think that’s why it’s important to put space into your diary too. Space to think. Space to reflect. Space to deal with the requests for your time and attention. Space to put things in God’s perspective.
Jesus often took time out when he was busiest. Re-creation is built into the fabric of the planet’s yearly cycle (autumn and winter).
So why do I think I know better?
Be blessed, be a blessing.

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