startling news about God – we are better than him

fanfare trumpetAhem*

[Loud Fanfare]

Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to announce the amazing, astounding, awesome list of things that we humans are better at than God.

Yes, you did read that right. This is the amazing, astounding, awesome list of things that we humans are better at than God.

  1. Remembering. God says that if we ask him for forgiveness in the name of Jesus he will remember our sins no more. But while we humans may forgive, forgetting is another matter. When the moment arises we will remember.
  2. Advertising. You would have thought that being the Supreme Being God would have sorted out his PR a bit better. Surely he would have put evidence of his existence everywhere, written into our DNA and written large across the sky? Instead his primary promotional strategy relies on human beings like me telling others about Jesus. People like me who are much better at pushing ourselves forwards, showing off and making sure that everyone knows how amazing we are than we are at talking about Jesus.
  3. Obeying rules. This one is surprising isn’t it? We are better at following rules than God is! We obey the rules of the Universe, and we can’t help it. Winemaking requires grapes and takes a long time, especially for the best wine. Water above zero degrees centigrade does not bear the weight of a fully grown human. People who have been dead for days remain dead. Jesus broke all of those rules.
  4. Delegation. God delegated the task of looking after this planet and one another to humans who are selfish and on the whole will seek to meet their own needs at the expense of others. And while he has given us a set of guidance instructions and run occasional refresher seminars he has, on the whole, left us to it. We would not have made that mistake – we would run a project like that with a much more hands-on management approach and sack people the moment they got out of line.

Be blessed, be a blessing.

*This bloggage comes with a grade 1 irony alert. If you don’t do or get irony, I suggest you look at another of my bloggages.

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