Anonymous MindAs I said in Friday’s bloggage I am reading a lot about Leonard Cheshire at the moment. It’s inspirational stuff, and I am only about a quarter of the way through his life in his biography.

I am also inspired by the people I know who work consistently and unnoticed behind the scenes to make things happen. People who don’t do what they do for credit, fame or even thanks – they serve to bless others.

Who are the people who inspire you? They could be people from history, people in the public eye, or people known to you. They could be famous. They could be unknown by most.

If he’s not already in your list I suggest you include Jesus of Nazareth in there. And I would encourage you to read one of his biographies. They are known as Gospels and you can find four of them in the New Testament – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

I am taking two weeks’ annual leave, so bloggages may be rather intermittent for the next fortnight. Why not use the time that you waste here to read one of Jesus’ biographies? I am sure you will be inspired.

Be blessed, be a blessing

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