when time travel would have been useful

SYSTEM ERROR!Yesterday you were subjected to two bloggages in one day. I apologise. Nobody should have to suffer that!

I had been reflecting and writing the second one (about theology from a joke) and had intended to schedule it for delivery today. I thought I had successfully set that up and hit ‘publish’ only for the system to throw a small wobbly and I had to go back to a previously saved draft – which had not been scheduled. I didn’t realise that and ‘published’ immediately. The bloggage went out into the world and, short of going back in time, there was nothing I could do about it.

Once you have released a bloggage into the wild it cannot be recalled. It’s the same with things we say or do that hurt others – once they have happened we can’t make them unhappen. But we can, when we realise our error, admit it, seek forgiveness, try to repair damage and learn from what happened.

You can do that with God too.

Be blessed, be a blessing

2 thoughts on “when time travel would have been useful

  1. I did this a few months ago and had to resort to deleting it as it wasn’t even nearly finished. I got several confused e-mails about not being able to find the post. Am just hoping that confusing people is not one of my spiritual gifts!

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