multiplying blessings

Free Family Fun Festival

Tomorrow promises to be an amazing day.

It starts with a Free Family Fun Festival in the park in the centre of Colchester – do come along if you’re in the area. I will be performing some ‘street magic’ around our church’s gazebos (if you can perform street magic in a park).

wedding rings

The day finishes with me conducting a wedding at our church for a lovely couple. i love conducting weddings as they are such joyful occasions – a celebration of love and commitment and a reason for family and friends to come together in honour of the bride and groom.

I hope that I will bless other people through my participation in these events but I know that people will be far more blessed than simply by my contribution. That’s God’s economy: he takes something we offer and he multiplies it. It’s not just with loaves and fish, it includes fast food too.

I read on Facebook just now an account of someone who kindly paid for a family’s McDonalds order when the Mum couldn’t find her money and people around were getting rather huffy. The Mum was blessed. The children were blessed. The staff were blessed. And the generous donor was blessed by their response.

And it’s not just about food. However we bless someone else we often find that God is multiplying the blessing. An encouraging word can build someone up: they may thank you (blessing multiplied) and then may seek to encourage someone else (blessing multiplied further).

You can put this down to group dynamics, human nature or any other rational explanation. But in doing so all you are doing is describing the method of multiplication, not the one who gives the impetus and adds momentum.

Be blessed, be a blessing.

The following day I am being blessed by being on a week’s holiday, so this will be the last bloggage until I get back – enjoy the break!

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