sync or swim during migration

My life is in the balance.

Before you start sending me bouquets of flowers and get well cards, let me explain. I am in the process of migrating my life across from one group of technological tools to another in preparation for me starting a new role next month. This will involve a change of tech. In the process I am trying to work out how to get all of the tech to talk intelligently to each other so that, for example, a change I make to a calendar in one place is reflected in the other places where I view my calendars. This migration process relies on the delicate (and sometimes unreliable) links between different tech and the hoped for fulfilment of promises that they will talk to each other. That’s why my life is in the balance. One crash and I will be hoping that the backups I have made will work!

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It used to be easy to migrate information when you changed jobs. You would pick up your paper diary and take it with you. Or, at worst, you would copy by hand across from one diary to another. The easily accessed information never crashed and was there the moment you opened it – no waiting for a boot up, even if that is quick.

But the flexibility of modern tech means that I find it irresistible and invaluable. As long as it works. It doesn’t help when different manufacturers use different operating systems and decide to make it difficult for users to get them to talk to each other. It doesn’t help when you have to have two or three copies of the same information that need to be synchronised. It doesn’t help when you have to work out what to synchronise and what not to and can’t work out what will be ‘synced’ except by a process of trial and error.

I believe that eventually it will work and will be wonderful. But there’s always a small anxiety that it won’t work and you won’t be able to solve it and might lose it all. And important information, events, reminders, meetings, emails and the like may not make it in the migration – like the occasional wildebeest taken by crocodiles as the herd stampedes across a river in its annual migration.

Thank the Lord that syncing with him is so much easier.

Have you done it lately?

Be blessed, be a blessing


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