blessed by a song

musical-key_thumb.jpgI heard this song recently and I was inspired by it. It could be the theme tune for this blog!

Bring heaven to earth, Lord,
Bring peace where there’s fear;
Bring life where there’s death, Lord,
Bring joy in these tears.
Bring love where there’s lust, Lord,
Bring hope where there’s pain;
Bring rest where there’s chaos,
Bring faith where there’s fame.
You invite us to partner with You,
To see Your kingdom come.

We are blessed, to bless a world in pieces.
We are loved, to love where love is not.
We are changed, to be the change You promised.
We are freed to be Your hands, O God.

Bring home to the homeless,
Bring keys to the chained;
Bring worth to the purchased,
And touch to the shamed.
Bring flesh from Your word, Lord,
Bring truth where there’s spin;
Bring risk where there’s safety,
And grace where there’s sin.
In the broken we shall see restored
The image of our King.

Bring justice to profit,
Bring patience to growth;
Bring wisdom to progress,
Like food for the soul.
Bring freedom from debt, Lord,
An end to excess;
Bring closer Your kingdom
By quiet success.
May we grow in the knowledge of You
Through every heart and face.

Lord, we cry out to You,
Change the atmosphere;
Breathe new life
In all who gather here.

Copyright © 2007 Andy Flannagan

You can see a YouTube video and listen to the song here

Okay, I recognise that some of you will have heard it and sung it plenty of times before, but if that is the case you may have lost some of the impact of this song. It seems to me that this song expresses so much of what it means to be a follower of Jesus.

Life as a follower of Jesus is not about ‘victory’ and ‘triumph’ but ‘service’ and ‘sacrifice’. Jesus told his followers that they would have to pick up their cross, not pick up a trophy! He told us to be servants not superheroes. He blesses us not for our own sake but so that we might bless others.

If you come to our morning service next week we’ll be singing it.Of course as much as this song has blessed me when I heard it I won’t bless too many people just by singing it…

Be blessed, be a blessing

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