severing the ties

20141021_112126 (2)Earlier this week Stew the Rabbit and I took some assemblies in a local primary school. It was our last visit.

Stew had decided that he wanted to perform a magic trick and had come across a trick where it looks like you have cut someone’s tie in half and then restore it. So he invited the Head of the Upper School to come and help.

Between the two of us he wielded a large pair of scissors and proceeded to cut the tie in half… the children thought it was hilarious that the teacher’s tie had been cut in half.

They thought it was even funnier when Stew confessed that he had not read all of the instructions. He had only read as far as ‘cut the tie’. So we were left with a severed tie.

To give Stew his credit he did apologise and I forgave him (which was the theme I was trying to get across). But I also made the point that if you are trying to do something for the first time it is worth reading all of the instructions.

Yes, I know that blokes have an innate sense of how everything works and that we don’t need instructions, but Stew’s experience suggests otherwise.

It puzzles me how many people have only read a little or nothing of the Bible yet claim to know all about it and all about God. Severed ties anyone?

Be blessed, be a blessing


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