scaredWhat are you afraid of? What are your phobias? Some people have some debilitating phobias and some have phobias that, to those who don’t share it, seem a bit silly, although if you are a sufferer they are anything but silly. According to Wikipedia:

Apparently ‘barophobia’ is a fear of gravity. How does that work – it’s something of a given for all of us on this planet.

Koumpounophobia is a fear of buttons. Before the invention of zips, Velcro and the like that must have been a very difficult phobia.

Pupaphobia is a fear of puppets. If you suffer from this I apologise for posting photos of Stew the Rabbit.

I am not belittling those phobias, but it is difficult for those who don’t share them to know quite how they affect someone and how a sufferer copes with them.

I think all humans share at least one phobia. It’s the fear of being found out: the fear that people might find out what we are really like. I can remember reading this (but don’t know the source – if you know it please let me know and I will credit it accordingly) – “I am afraid to tell you who I really am because you might not like who I really am, and it’s all I’ve got.”

The startling thing about God is that he knows what we are like, even the stuff we conceal from everyone else, and he is still crazy about us. He will not reject us. He will not push us away. He knows the truth. That means that we can be honest with him (there’s no point in being anything else). It means that there is one person who can help us with the fear of being found out because there’s nothing for him to find out. It means we can ask him to help us to change the things we don’t like.

Be blessed, be a blessing.

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