So here I am, sitting in a well-known fast food restaurant, waiting for the lava-hot java coffee to cool enough for me to drink (that may give you a clue as to which Mc Restaurant I am in) and using their wifi.

I am indulging in two of my favourite pastimes when I have time to pass – drinking coffee (or I will be soon) and people-watching. We humans are fascinating. Some of us in  the restaurant are in such a hurry that we need fast food and almost inhale it because we don’t have time to chew and savour it (savour might be overdoing it here). Some of us are here to placate children with Joyful Repasts in which the small piece of plastic is of more interest than the burger or nuggets and fries. Some of us are here because we need somewhere to rest in the middle of a journey. Some of us are here for the free wifi. Some of us are here because it’s somewhere to go. And I am sure that there are a lot more reasons.

I can’t help but compare the experience with attending church services… bear with me.

Some people rush in for a spiritual fix and then rush off again without taking the time to savour being in God’s presence. Some focus their time and attention on what is peripheral rather than the main purpose of being there. Some are there as a refuge from life – escaping from the business and busyness. Some people are there to connect with God. Some are there because it’s company. And I am sure that there are a lot more reasons.

And somehow God is expected to meet all of those expectations, aspirations and needs. And if he doesn’t we blame the minister, the choice of songs, the pews…

But what if instead of church being like a fast food restaurant it is like a meal at a friend’s house. We are invited guests. Our company is desired. We come not as consumers but as contributors to the event.

Just a thought.

Hmm, the coffee is cool enough, so…

Be blessed, be a blessing

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