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Hands are amazing aren’t they? We take them for granted don’t we? Think for a moment how much you have used your hands already today – even just to log on to whatever device you are using to read this bloggage – and then marvel at them. When you think about what we can do with just two digits (typing for a lot of people, what else were you thinking of?) and how much we rely on our hands it is incredible what we can do with a collection of small bones, ligaments, muscles and nerves.


We can sense texture, temperature, solidity and much more with our hands. We can stroke and caress, we can slap and punch. We can wave hello and goodbye. We can signal displeasure by extending a digit or two (not recommended) or pleasure and approval with an extended thumb or a reversed two digit salute (recommended). We can type, click, tap, press, poke and otherwise interact with the most advanced technology through them and we can use the most primitive of tools with them. (And of course most magic tricks need the use of hands!) So many possibilities…

And we take it all for granted – at least until we hurt a hand or are unable to use it for a while. Then we bemoan our incapacity and realise how much we rely on these things at the end of our arms.

Who do you treat like your hands – taking for granted how useful and important they are to you? Perhaps today you could treat them to some tlc – your hands might like a massage or some lotion, but I actually meant the people. Stop and think about all of the people with whom you have interacted today – perhaps thinking about how your hands were involved in the process may help you to think imaginatively. Thank God for those people. And think of ways you can thank them too, even if it’s only a high five, an handshake or a thumbs up. You might also like to thank God for your hands.

Be blessed, be a blessing

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