So I am doing a lot of driving in my new role. And I quite enjoy it.

Except for the things that interrupt my journey like roadworks, diversions, traffic jams and lorries. I do understand that roads need repairing or improvement; that sometimes you need to go around an incident; that people don’t break down or have accidents deliberately  (by definition) and cause traffic jams. I even understand that lorries need to be on the road and that our economy would grind to a halt without them. But it’s frustrating when I am pootling along a dual carriageway overtaking vehicles in the inside lane when a lorry decides to pull out and overtake the vehicle in front of it.

They tend to indicate and pull out without any consideration for the cars overtaking – indicating appears to give them the right to pull out. And then they crawl past the vehicle in front at just half a mile an hour faster than the vehicle being overtaken. And if we reach an incline the overtaking takes even longer. You may have experienced this yourself. I sense a lot of empathy from you.

And yet, although it feels like I’m being bullied and the manoeuvre to pull out causes me to brake, and it delays me, perhaps the lorry drivers have to do it because drivers like me are not considerate or tolerant of the lorries and their respective needs to get to their destinations.

If someone slaps you on the face, turn the other cheek; if they force you to walk a mile go the extra mile; if they cause you to be inconvenienced bless them by allowing another lorry out as well. What might blessing others in that way look like for you?

Be blessed, be a blessing

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