Random Bloggage Chooser

Pair Of DiceOver the years I have been blogging I have generated an awful lot of text. (Or should that be a lot of awful text?) Anyway, in lieu of today’s bloggage being a fresh one I have a challenge for you, but it will mean that you have to (b)log on to my blog on WordPress in order to do it.

Are you there?


If you scroll down the page a bit you will see on the left hand side a heading ‘past bloggerel’ – it’s the archive of the stuff I have generated. Think of a month, any month. Now think of any year between 2015 going back to 2010. Put the two together and you will have a month in which I have blogged (unless you choose dates after January 2015 or before February 2010). Now scroll down the drop down menu under ‘past bloggerel’ until you find that month. Next to the month will be a number, which represents the number of bloggages in that month. Choose a random number up to and including the number of bloggages in that month and click on the month.

Once the blog has taken you to that month, scroll down the number of headings that equal the number you just thought of.

Click on that title and, if the magic trick has worked, you will find a bloggage written by me! How do I do it? (Why do I do it?).

You can repeat this as many times as you like and you will find that it’s always a bloggage what I wrote.

This is a lazy way of me generating a bloggage for today, but also a way of suggesting that you might like to explore the archive. After all, if nobody looks at it it’s just taking up cyberspace!

Be blessed, be a blessing

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