Liturgy for Red Nose Day*

Leader (wearing a red nose**): Heavenly Father, creator of laughter, fun, joy and the ability to perceive humour we thank you and praise you for all things that lighten our mood and our day.

Response (wearing silly wigs, funny faces, etc): Use us to lighten the mood of others and brighten their day

Leader: Jesus, teller of funny stories with hidden meaning, we thank you that you used humour to illustrate and enhance your message of love, hope, truth and purpose

Response: Help us to give meaning and purpose to the lives of others even as we are funny for money

Leader: Holy Spirit, nurturer of the fruit of joy, we thank you for the people in our lives who make us smile when we think of them and for all that you do in us and through us to share joy with others

Response: Help us to make others smile today through the silly things we do, and tomorrow through the blessing of how the money raised is used

Leader: You all look really silly

Response: And also with you

[Optional] The congregation then go outside and have a custard pie fight, sit in baths of beans and indulge in other silliness to raise funds for Comic Relief

Be blessed and be a (funny) blessing

*Not an officially endorsed liturgy, just something I came up with that is underpinned by theologies of humour, blessing and charity.

**I suggest a ‘professional’ clown red nose rather than a plastic one because the plastic ones tend to restrict the nostrils making the speaker sound as if they have a ‘blogged dose’. Although that might make it funnier!


2 responses to “Liturgy for Red Nose Day*”

  1. Hi Nick
    Ha ha. Great stuff. I’ve posted a link to it on the Messy Church FB page for the network to enjoy (the overseas ones will be baffled!)

    We must meet again one day – surely I can find an excuse to come and talk Messy Church strategy in the Baptist Church with you?!

    It’s been great seeing Judith and Tom so happy together this year. He’s such a lovely lad and so good for her – I’ve been blown away by his kindness to her over her burn excitement this term. You must be very proud of him.

    Best wishes to Sally too

    • Thanks Lucy, that’s great. I would love to meet and talk about Messy Church. There are many churches in our Association that are running / considering MC and if you felt it would be possible perhaps we could run a training event in this part of the world?

      And yes, Tom and Judith are a wonderful couple and so good for each other.

      Bless you (and Paul)


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