the x factor

Last Thursday I attended a wonderful prayer vigil at Chelmsford Cathedral (thanks to all who clearly worked so hard on it) where we were provided with opportunities to pray about a number of different issues related to the General Election (tomorrow, in case you didn’t know!)*.

Praying for housing and homelessness – the books in both scenarios are ‘Great Expectations’ – lovely touch!

We were also offered the following prayer, which I think sums up my aspirations when I take part in the ‘x factor’ and put my ‘x’ in the box and put my paper with the ‘x’ in the box in the box. How will you be voting?

Lord God,

You are sovereign over governments and nations, you care for each individual, for those who are powerless and for those on the margins.

You created us to live, not in isolation, but in society and in harmony with all creation. So we pray for wisdom and discernment as we prepare to vote. Help us to see the issues that confront us in the light of the values of your Kingdom.

May we vote not in our own interests but in the interests of others; those in our communities, in our nation, across the world and the whole created order.

We pray for all those standing for election, that they may speak and act with honesty and integrity, and we pray that those called upon to serve as MPs may do so in the spirit of servanthood and in the interest of the common good.

We ask that you will enable us to play our part in building a just and peaceful world in which all people and all living things may flourish.

We ask these things in the name of Jesus Christ and through the power of the Holy Spirit.


Be blessed, be a blessing

*I also had the opportunity to pray for the election on Radio Essex alongside our local Bishops!

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