getting ready

boxesWe’re in the process of getting ready to move house. And we’re being reminded of just how much there is to do, how much needs arranging, what needs redirecting, what needs to be disconnected and reconnected, what we won’t need in the new house and need to sell / get rid off (snooker table anyone?)… and that’s before we even begin to think about boxes and packing.

I think it’s so complicated because we put down deep roots where we are living. Many of the arrangements we need to make are because of a root that has been put down. Many of them need to be sorted because we have accumulated ‘stuff’. Many of them need to be made because we have acquired things to make living in this house comfortable and the new house is different.

As I consider all of the arrangements that need to be made (and I am not complaining) it reminds me of how Jesus sent out his followers and told them to travel light so they would rely on God’s provision. Is it a truism that the more stuff we have the less we rely on God?

Just a thought as we attempt to declutter a bit…

Be blessed, be a blessing.

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