Yesterday I had a shock. When I was washing in the morning I looked at my shoulder and it had turned bright yellow! My wife suggested that perhaps I was turning into a minion from the shoulder outwards. I will test that hypothesis with a banana



B A N A A A A N A A A !!!

Nope. Nothing. That’s a relief.

I suppose being minion coloured is better than it being blue and me turning into a smurf!

It’s fascinating to me how much the minions have become a phenomenon. In the original Despicable Me film they were meant to be in the background, providing some comic relief but keeping the focus on the main characters. Yet somehow despite (or perhaps because) of their ineptitude and silliness they have become main characters and have now got their own film (and plenty of marketing).

It seems that if anyone has anything silly to say on Facebook they only have to put it next to a picture of a minion and it will get hundreds of likes instantly. (We’ll see what happens to this bloggage!).

Are we ever in the position where we have moved from being in the supporting cast to taking over centre stage when that’s not our role?

Be blessed, be a blessing


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