The One About Cheering Parents

Great thoughts from Graeme – consider this a cheer for you my friend

Honest about my faith

I just got back from a choir competition that my daughter was taking part in. My standout memory of the evening was a fanatical mum cheering wildly for her child in what was probably the worst performance of the night.

The mum clearly wasn’t analysing the performance for perfection or considering if her child’s choir was the best, she just cheered because she was so proud of and pleased that her child was taking part. The choir wasn’t dreadful, they just weren’t quite as good or polished as the others, the mum though wasn’t embarrassed about this, she just cheered.

This was a wonderful reminder for me that God is my father and that he cheers for me even if I am not the best. Even on my worst days or when I am in last place, God my father loves and cheers for me. Before Jesus had started his ministry…

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