oneSo here we are, it’s 1st December again and while the season of Advent technically started on Sunday, today’s the day when we open windows in calendars and see what’s waiting for us. I am going to attempt an advent bloggage every day in this Advent calendar season, so consider this door number one.

How would you have reacted if you had been Mary? You’re happily minding your own business when a mysterious stranger appears from nowhere, tells you not to be afraid and then tells you that you’re going to be pregnant and it won’t be your fiancé’s baby. In fact there won’t be a biological father in the normal sense at all.


Her whole life was turned upside down by that visit… accusations of immorality would inevitably have followed (why do you think she went and stayed with her cousin, Elizabeth?), her fiancé would take a lot of convincing, and… and… and…

Panic!!!! She might have needed a paper bag to breathe in and out and stop the hyperventilation.


She simply said, “If that’s what God wants, then I’m okay with that.” (loose paraphrase)

What faith.

Be blessed, be a blessing

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