all you need is

three mice

three blind mice?

I have a talk I have used a couple of times at Christmas. I lug on a big bag and say that I have everything I need for Christmas. And because I know that someone will say ‘Jesus’ I get out the knitted nativity scene that my Grandma made and put it on the table first, just to get that out of the way.

Gradually people warm up to the game and suggest ‘turkey’, ‘wrapping paper’, ‘sticky tape’, ‘Christmas pudding’ and so on… Each item then gets stacked on the table. Most times I have managed to find almost all of the items that people suggest. It’s good fun.

And then there’s the cheesy punchline where I have buried Jesus underneath all of the items from my bag – “and we do that sometimes too, don’t we?”

While there is truth there, I have become dissatisfied with that approach. It suggests that Jesus is one more commodity needed for Christmas. You might even infer that the rest of the trimmings are unimportant. But what you really need at Christmas is love.

God’s love.

The love of friends and family.

Love for yourself.


And it can be found in hugs, cards, kisses, smiles, phone calls, mangers…

Be blessed, be a blessing


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