Twelve days of Christmas

Twelve months in a year

Twelve hours in a morning (or afternoon)

Twelve is the highest single-syllable number (go on, count them all and try it!)

Twelve is magnesium in the periodic table

Twelve tribes of Israel

Twelve disciples of Jesus

Twelve used to be a substitute in football (the proper one, not the American one) and in cricket we still have a ‘twelfth man’.

Twelve is the number of strikes in a perfect game of ten pin bowling

Twelve is the number of function keys on most PC keyboards (who knows what they all do? And if you know, do you use them?)

Twelve inches in a foot


Twelve facts about twelve above. But knowing facts about twelve is not enough when counting. You have to use it.

Jesus is like that.

And if you counted the facts you will see that there was one missing.

Are you missing something?

Be blessed, be a blessing

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