no way!

golf hole 18According to the stats for this blog there are almost 1300 of you who are registered as followers of my bloggages. REALLY??

no way!

And adding together the number of visits to the site that hosted this blog before I landed in WordPressland, there have been almost 100,000 visits since I started inflicting my bloggerel on an unsuspecting world. (2012 was the best year with over 24,000 visits).

no way!

I have written over 1300 posts since I began in 2011 .

no way!

There are about 200 countries in the world, and in just the last year I have had visits from people from over 120 different countries.

no way!

Now behind the stats are a lot of stories, a lot of questions and a lot of explanations.The number of followers includes friends on Facebook and Twitter followers and many of them won’t ever click in this direction (sorry about that if you are just my friend and didn’t know that you had been co-opted by the stat counter).  There’s no way of knowing quite how many people arrived at my blog by accident and left it very soon afterwards, although I suspect the person who arrived here by searching for “Alistair Brownlee circumcision” probably didn’t find what they were looking for!


If you re-read the Christmas narratives (or hear them read at a Carol Service) try inserting ‘no way’ at appropriate moments (in your head if you are in a Carol Service). How many are there?

The improbability of the narrative to me is part of what lends it credibility. If you were going to make it up you would have made it far more plausible wouldn’t you?

Be blessed, be a blessing

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