taking over the festival

“He’s taken over the true meaning of the festival, hasn’t he? Suddenly the bearded one from ‘Up North’ is threatening to become the iconic figure for the season, replacing our religious imagery and themes that have echoed through millennia.”

“Everywhere you go people are talking about him. They talk about the gifts he gives people. They talk about how he knows all about us – whether we’re good or bad. They talk about his unconventional travelling arrangements. They talk about how he gets into our houses even when we have locked the doors. No matter what we do or say we can’t stop people talking about him. It’s wrong, just plain wrong. People have forgotten what this is all about.”

Who are these (alleged) quotes about? Santa Claus taking over Christmas!

Baby Santa



Jesus of Nazareth. AD 33. Jerusalem. Festival of Pentecost. Spoken by the Jewish authorities (allegedly). (For further details read Acts chapter 2).

Be blessed, be a blessing

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