Be like…

There’s a meme that’s doing the rounds of the Internet at the moment. There’s a stick man called Bill. The text that accompanies the picture of him describes how he does something sensible and encourages people to be like Bill instead of responding with hysteria, following the crowd, doing something that annoys people, etc. For example:

And there are now ‘generators’ that can generate ‘Be like Bill’ memes and you can insert your own name in them.

And there’s a mini-backlash of ‘don’t be like Bill, be yourself’ memes.

And I have also seen a ‘be like Jesus’ meme.

And that got me thinking. I wonder if anyone would sign up for the following.

Jesus loves people.

Jesus hates it when things get between people and God.

Jesus gets really angry when it’s religious people who get in the way.

Jesus is smart.

Be like Jesus.


Jesus speaks a lot.

Jesus tells good stories.

Jesus tells lots of stories about how love of money can distract you what really matters in life.

Jesus is not distracted from God.

Be like Jesus.


Jesus has lots of friends.

Jesus’ friends say lots of things on his behalf.

Jesus wishes they wouldn’t put words in his mouth.

Jesus keeps it simple: love God, love people.

Be like Jesus.


Jesus invented church.

Jesus wanted it to show people what he is like.

Jesus didn’t want it to become a religion.

Jesus said ‘love people’.

Be like Jesus.


Jesus upset religious people.

Jesus called religious people ‘hypocrites’

Jesus told his friends off when they became religious.

Jesus got killed because he upset religious people.

Be like Jesus.


Jesus upset lots of people.

Jesus was crucified for it.

Jesus forgave the people who killed him.

Jesus loved everyone.

Be like Jesus.


Be blessed, be a blessing (be like Jesus!)

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