The ongoing adventures ofthe Minillennium Falcon

Minillennium Falcon investigates the rise of another Evil Empire

A long time ago in a Galaxy far, far away…

(or not so long ago in my study)

(You might like to read this by scrolling upwards to get the same effect as the opening of the Star Wars films)

My children gave me several gifts for Father’s Day, one of which is a model kit of the Millennium Falcon (Star Wars, folks!). I have now made it and dubbed it the Minillennium Falcon because it’s a bit small (see picture below). I posted the above image on Facebook with what I thought was an amusing caption and was asked to create further such images so I am adding to my blog the ongoing adventures of the Minillennium Falcon. Consider this Episode One (but no JarJar Binks!) More will follow.

You have been warned.

[cue lots of people unsubscribing from my blog]

Be blessed, be a blessing

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