prayer journey

prayingI’m on a prayer journey at the moment. It doesn’t involve me leaving where I am physically but I am finding it helpful to reflect on my spiritual location. The journey comes in the form of daily emails from the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity. Sometimes it’s a thought to ponder, and sometimes there is a more detailed reflection on which to click, then ponder, reflect and (this is one of the things I like about it) act practically. Click here for today’s reflection

I find it really helpful to use physical actions to ‘trigger’ praying. That may sound rather mechanical for a relationship with God, but it’s no more mechanical than putting birthday reminders in your diary for those whom you love! Let me give you a few examples:

I drive around a lot in my job and when I see a road sign for a town, village or city where one of my churches is located it triggers a prayer for that church. When I hear a siren it triggers a prayer for the person to whom that emergency vehicle is racing. When someone shares good news with me I try to say thank you to God for that. When I see distressing news items on the TV it triggers a prayer for those who are victims in that situation… I’m going to try a new one I just thought of, which is to use each new email as a trigger to pray for the person who sent it before opening it (and if that also triggers an avalanche of emails then go for it!).

Today LICC suggest:

Try asking, when feeling anxious: ‘Which am I doubting – God’s word, love, power, timing or character?’ Then ask the Lord to show you how to build godly trust in that area.

Try, every time you go through a door, reminding yourself that God is the King of the situation you are entering.

Try thanking God for different things each day – one day thank him for each person you meet, another day for every task you are doing; another day for every communication you receive etc.

What are your prayer triggers? What helps you to pray?

Be blessed, be a blessing

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