Profound thoughts and how to fail at remembering them

So… here I am sitting down trying to think profound thoughts to share with the world via my blog. And the problem is that I find that profound thoughts are really elusive (pun intended). They are a bit like Nanny McPhee. When you want one and you are looking for them you can’t find them. But when you are not looking for them they sneak up on you and hit you. That, I believe, is the origin of the phrase, “A thought just struck me.”

They particularly like sneaking up on you and striking you when you are least likely to be able to remember them. It can be just as you are dropping off to sleep… when you promise yourself you’ll remember the profound thought when you wake up and when you wake up all you can remember is that you had a profound thought and that you promised yourself that you would remember it. The actual thought has vanished (and all you can hear is the vague memory of a thought chuckling to itself as it sneaks off). 

It can also be when you are driving along and have no means of recording the profound thought. You think to yourself that it was really important and promise yourself that when you get to your destination you will write it down… but when you get to your destination you forget to write it down and later on you remember that you had been struck by a profound thought but can’t remember what it was.

When the profound thoughts get really confident they can do a double strike. They strike when you are not in a position to record or remember them, and then they come back later in similar circumstances. That doubles the level of frustration but doesn’t (apparently) increase the chances of you remembering them.

I wonder (profoundly?) how much the human race would have advanced and how much better we would be if all of these elusive profound thoughts had been able to be captured and shared. Would we by now have solved world poverty? Would we have a cure for all known diseases? Would we have an explanation for mullet haircuts in the 80s?

I am not sure. But I have a vague recollection of a profound thought about them sometime in the past as I was about to fall asleep while driving…

Be blessed, be a blessing

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