Hospital etiquette

(This was the view from the ward window earlier in the week)

Etiquette is a bizarre thing. Nobody really knows who makes the rules of etiquette but somehow lots of people get upset if they are flouted. And even if you don’t know the rules you can still be culpable for breaches.

So maybe you can help. What’s the etiquette for telling people you’ve been in hospital? Just a quick visit to Accident and Emergency may not warrant much of a mention. But what if it becomes a longer stay? What length of stay needs mentioning, and at what point has it become embarrassing and too late to mention?

Some of the more astute among you will have realised that there’s more behind the questions than theory.

At the end of last week I had some intense sweating and (short story) ended up with my GP recommending that I go to A and E for some more tests. Those tests raised enough co cerns for me to be readmitted to the Cardiothoracic Centre. I’ve been there since (ahem) the weekend with a chest infection that they have been pleased to deal with using antibiotics.

At several times during my stay I have thought that I ought to let people know… but there have been some false dawns for hoped for returns home and other uncertainties that seemed to make it less appropriate to share news at that stage… and then time moves on…

So if anyone is miffed that I haven’t shared this sooner I do apologise. It didn’t feel that big a deal at first and once I realised it was a bit of a deal I felt a little embarrassed to say anything.

The good news is that everything seems to be returning to normal and I am hopeful that I’ll be coming home very shortly. To those who’ve been supporting and praying for me (and in the dark about this) thank you again. It does make a difference.

And if anyone can tell me what the rules are for informing people you are attending / been admitted / are remaining in hospital I’d love to know!

Be blessed, be a blessing.

One thought on “Hospital etiquette

  1. I was once ticked off by an RM for not telling them about some health issues we had been through. I think its more about friendship and support than rules and etiquette, anyway what’s normal?? Blessings my friend, glad you’re on the mend.

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