Hello my bloggist chums. I’ve had a really positive week as I continue my convalescence following my heart ops. I had an appointment at the Cardiothoracic Centre this week and assumed it was a follow up after my additional unscheduled stay in hospital.

I had a chest x-ray and then was called in for a conversation with one of the surgical team. It felt like everything he had to tell me was good news.

My chest x-ray was completely normal. No problems at all. Yay.

They had reviewed an echo cardiogram that was taken while I was in hospital last time and that had shown that everything was going well. More than that, however, it revealed that my heart, which had been experiencing atrial fibrillation (beating out of sync), was now beating normally again and I would be able to stop the blood thinning tablets after 3 months! Woop.

He told us that the wounds had all healed properly and that I could return to a slightly more normal care regime (not needing clean pyjamas every day). Smile.

He said that he would recommend reducing the pain relief as everything was going well. Slightly scary but progress nonetheless.

Then he stunned us by saying that because of all the progress he was discharging me from the care of the surgical team! In other words, as far as they’re concerned their job with me is finished. I’ll be picked up by a cardiologist and the rehab team but as far as the CTC is concerned I’m well enough. That was so surprising that it took a while to sink in. However. Wooooooooohoooooooooo!

Thank you again for every encouraging thought, card, prayer, word and visit. I feel immensely privileged and grateful to have had so much support and I’m sure it’s contributed to my progress. There’s still a long road ahead. The rehab process is going to be tough. Losing the painkillers is painful. I’m still waiting to be told about when I can resume driving (should know next week at a pacemaker check) which will make a massive difference. I’m going to continue to pace myself but wanted to share the great news with you because you’ve been such a blessing to me.

Be blessed, be a blessing.

4 thoughts on “progress

  1. Wonderful news, praise God! So often during a crisis, we discover more of our loving Father’s nature and realise we travel through life accompanied by an amazing God who loves us deeply. He has healed your heart. He will help you with your rehabilitation and He will soothe your pain. All will be well. Happy Easter!

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